Double Paddle Canoe, Page 5

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The second boat was sheathed in dynel and epoxy and is a couple of pounds heavier than the first.  However, the hull is more resistant to abrasion than the unsheathed version, and it's probably going to last longer as well.  I think I also got the lines a bit more fair in the second boat.  The two canoes are shown here at Crystal Reservoir on the north slope of Pike's Peak on Memorial Day, 2007.


I thought the skegs as designed were much too shallow and long to track well, and both boats always seemed to fishtail, especially in any kind of wind.  Some people say this is just due to poor paddling technique, and I won't argue that I'm an expert paddler.  Nevertheless, it seemed to me that a higher aspect ratio skeg would really help the boat track, so over the winter of 2007, I cut off the old skegs and built these in their place.  The new skegs are tapered to a fine edge at the aft end, and are actually a little deeper than the belly of the boat.  I figure that I can always cut them down if necessary.




What a difference the new skegs make!  Here's Nancy paddling into about 8-10 mph wind coming about 30 degrees off the bow.  The bow would blow off when we stopped paddling, but when moving the tracking was excellent.  A nice enhancement to an already pleasing boat.


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