Double Paddle Canoe, Page 4

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The completed boat after painting and installation of the hatches and shock cord hold downs.   Exterior latex house paint was used; gloss white for the hull, low-luster white porch enamel for the deck, and gloss colors for the interior and trim.  The interior color is called "Cloudless Day" and the trim color is "Sun Yellow," both of which seemed very appropriate.


In the water!  The boat handles quite well, although it's my first experience in any kind of paddle-driven boat.  The whole process seemed quite natural, and I'm sure we'll get a lot of use of this one.


Messing about in such a relaxing fashion allows one to contemplate the next boat.  My wife made the decision for me, when she said she liked this boat so much that we ought to have two of them!  Wish I'd made patterns.


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