Michalak Toto Dipper

Double Paddle Canoe

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Toto is a 13' double paddle canoe designed by Jim Michalak.   I decided to knock one together while waiting for epoxy and paint to cure on my FastBrick project.

Here are all the hull panels cut out from two sheets of 1/4" Luan plywood.  The particle board was used as a sacrificial floor for cutting, but it makes a lot of dust.  The panels were scarfed at the butts immediately after this photo was taken, using short blocks of 1/4" ply and epoxy.


After the panels, temporary molds, transom, and a couple of permanent bulkheads are cut out (an easy hour or two depending on how gung-ho your are), the whole thing is stitched together with zip ties and a few sheetrock screws.  The shop assistant in the photo is Truman, possibly a Portuguese Water Dog.


After it's all stitched up, I duct taped the outside of the seams to keep epoxy putty from oozing through.  Note the Bolger Light (Cat) Schooner hull on trailer in the background, and the FastBrick project underway in the foreground.


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