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Rowing Dory, Page 7

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After fitting the eight oarlock socket shims to the gunwales, they were oiled with Deks Olje.  I installed the seat bearers and seats, and the boat is essentially finished.  All that remains are a couple more coats of oil on the gunwales, and to fit the foot braces into the seat bearers.  This will be done by trial after seeing how I fit in the boat.


The seat frames are Douglas fir left over from the seat bearer stock, with plywood seat surfaces.  Instead of painting the Luan veneer as I normally would, I decided to try the Penofin Marine Oil Finish I used on the bearers, and it looked good.  The seats are movable to adjust for one, two or three crew, two of which can row at the same time.  In the photo below, the seats and oarlocks are set up for either a single rower or two rowers with a passenger.


She looks good from any angle, so I've named her Venusian.



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