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Rowing Dory, Page 5

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After the second lamination was completed, the gunwales were sanded smooth and rounded over.  The plans suggested a complex arched profile, but I didn't think I had the skill or wanted to spend the time hand planing such a shape.  The rounded over edge looked good to me, and would make fitting the shims for the oarlock sockets much easier.



After the gunwales were shaped, it was time to finish shaping the tombstone transom.  This was done freehand with a small angle grinder and a random orbit sander, then hand sanded.


The last bit of hull construction was to make and install the forward seat bearer pad.  The plans called for the seat bearers to have tenons on each end that ship into mortises in frames 1 and 3, but at this point I couldn't see how it could be done.  Phil Bolger's response to my question about this indicated that the bearers couldn't be installed as drawn, and he suggested pads to take the forward tenons instead.  I decided to make the pad in one piece as shown below.  It's questionable whether it looks any better than individual pads, but the good news is that it works just fine.



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