Tender/Lifeboat, Page 9

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Once the interior was sheathed and sanded, it was time to flip the hull over to finish sand the outside of the hull and get ready to paint her.  The boat at this point was getting pretty heavy, and since I had moved it to slightly higher and wider sawhorses previously, the leverage was all wrong to flip it over just by lifting underneath the chine.  An earlier attempt at this approach had resulted in losing control of the boat and it falling onto my Robote project sitting next to it.  After repairing the damage to the lightweight Robote, I devised a simpler means of flipping Stargazer by simply clamping a 2x4 on to the bottom and using it as a lever to get her up on her side.  In the photo below, Robote's hull can be seen resting on a workbench in the background, safely out of the way should anything go wrong this time.


With the boat flipped over, I completed the final sanding on the outside of the hull.  This is now the smoothest hull I've yet achieved.

Two coats of Kilz primer later, she's ready for paint.  Note also the two skegs made from pressure treated 2x2s have been attached to the after bottom.  These were fastened using #12 bronze screws and 3M 5200 marine adhesive/sealant so that they can be replaced in the (hopefully distant) future with some effort, if needed.


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