Tender/Lifeboat, Page 7

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The next job was to get the oarlock mounts routed out.  The building key describes cutting out a section of the rail for each oarlock, then filling in around the cutout with plywood.  I took a different tack and glued solid wood blocking in under the rails, then made patterns from some MDF and simply routed out the oarlock mounting area.  This view shows the larger, shallow template used to rout the landing for the top of the oarlock socket temporarily screwed in place and ready to start.


Once the shallow landing was routed, another template was used to start the deeper cut for the vertical body of the oarlock socket.  A top-bearing straight cut router bit was used.  These bits are great for use in hand-held and table routers when making identical cuts.  This view shows the shallow cut for the top of the oarlock socket.


The deeper cut for the body of the oarlock socket was started with a template, but once the cut is deeper than the relatively shallow bit I was using, the cut itself becomes the template for additional passes with the router.  This image shows the completed cut with the oarlock socket dry-fit.  Later, the edges of the recess will be chamfered to help water drain from the area.


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