Tender/Lifeboat, Page 10

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Based on a recommendation from someone on the Bolger Yahoo group, I decided to try DuraBak polyurethane coating for the sole of the boat.  This stuff went on very easily, although it requires very good ventilation and a respirator.  I like it so much, I should have done the whole interior with it, but on the other hand, I haven't actually seen how it works in service yet.  


To store the oars, I decided to use pole clips, and since the cockpit walls are only 1/8" ply over foam, there's not much to attach to.  I solved that problem by gluing mounting blocks to the interior panels.  Here they are being held in place while the epoxy cures.


With the last of the interior parts installed (finally), I painted the interior and the sheer (such as it is) with a hopefully complimentary color of gray.   Note the installed bronze oarlock sockets.


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